About Us

Purechem Industries Limited (PIL) is Nigeria’s leading green building products company.

PIL is a professionally managed organisation with technically qualified personnel and trained staff. Our fibre cement operations involve use of the sophisticated Hatschek process in our factory situated at Onigbedu, Ogun state, Nigeria. The company has contributed economically and technologically towards the growth of industry in Nigeria. The company is focused on manufacturing high quality environment friendly building products and providing excellent service to its customers

PIL took a giant leap in 2001 by investing in the setting up of the first privately owned cement plant in Nigeria. This investment also includes the quarrying of limestone & clay. Since early 2005, cement production began and is now a core input into many of our manufactured products. This diversification has given the company a competitive edge in terms of cost advantage and consistency in cement based products which are manufactured in-house.

At PIL, everything we do is achieved with the support of our customers, our employees, our products, our shareholders and of course, our environment in mind. We, at Purechem Industries Limited are committed to…. Building GREEN Solutions.